Nitrates and arsenic removal in water


Water production rate exceeding 95%.


We finance and operate your treatment system.


The customer only pays for the treated water he receives, in exchange for a monthly fee, without prior investment.


Qualified personnel to control the operation of the system, during the entire period of the contract.


Preventive maintenance and supply of the necessary equipment for the proper functioning of the system.


Once the contract period is over, the property of the treatment system is transferred to the user.

Water free of nitrates and arsenic

Water production rate exceeding 95%.

Modular container-mounted iGLOO solutions

The patented technology for nitrates and arsenic removal in water is called UFBAF (Up-Flow Biological Aerated Filter), is an ecological filtration process based on natural processes developed by microorganisms that modify chemical compounds. The microorganisms are already found naturally in the waters to be treated and what we do is to favour an appropriate environment for their development. The process can be aerobic or anaerobic depending on the pollutants to be treated. Nitrates are removed by biological reduction, under anaerobic conditions, with the contribution of an external carbon source, transforming the nitrate to nitrogen gas, releasing it to the atmosphere. The arsenic is removed by biological oxidation, under aerobic conditions, that is, with the supply of oxygen.