Arsenic removal in water

Arsenic removal in water

UFBAF® is the solution for the biological oxidation of arsenic and other metals in water, for their subsequent removal by assimilation of microorganisms, adsorption and physical separation.

The operation is as follows: water with arsenic and other metals, the pH is corrected, it is usually found in basic values, so we will add hydrochloric acid (HCl).

As a carbon source we will add an iron salt in very small proportion after which the water passes to a biological reactor that is filled with a support material that acts as a binding element for the microorganisms, adsorption of the compounds to be removed and of physical filtration.

The process is carried out in the presence of oxygen for a correct respiration of the microorganisms.

The microorganisms are responsible for oxidizing arsenic and other metals, from their reduced state (As3, Fe2, Mn2,…) to their oxidized form (As5, Fe3, Mn3, …) without the use of any type of chemical oxidant.

After the biological oxidation process, metals are adsorbed and separated from water by physical filtration. The water from the washings can be sent to the sewer system.

Benefits UFBAF® Arsenic

Low production cost, compared to adsorption and reverse osmosis processes.

Water production rate exceeding 95%.

Ecological, clean and neutral for the environment.

Flexible, it allows to eliminate other compounds from the water without additional processes.

Highly automated system.

Without residues.

Best available arsenic removal technology.

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