Nitrates removal in water

Biological Denitrification

The UFBAF® process for nitrates removal in water is based on natural processes developed by microorganisms, within the nitrogen cycle, which for humans are harmful or undesirable, and which for them constitute a source for their respiration.

The application of the process consists of the use of denitrifying bacteria for the reduction of nitrate to nitrogen gas in conditions of absence of oxygen.

NO3  ->  NO2  ->  NO  ->  N2O  ->  N2

For a correct development of the biomass we need adequate conditions, which include, among others, a carbon source and nutrients supply, absence of oxygen, as well as a support where microorganisms can be fixed and a reactor where the treatment is carried out.

The process is responsible for the bio reduction of nitrates (NO3) to nitrogen gas (N2), releasing it to the atmosphere, so that no waste is generated, being totally neutral for the environment.

The water from the washings can be sent to the sewer without prior treatment.

Benefits UFBAF® Nitrates

Biological reduction, NO3 a N2, the nitrate is converted to nitrogen gas.

Patented biological process.

Ecological, clean and neutral for the environment.

Low energy consumption.

Water production rate exceeding 95%.

Flexible, it allows to eliminate other compounds from the water without additional processes.

Highly automated system.

Zero waste bio reduction.

Best available nitrate removal technology.

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